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Human Cloning
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Types of Cloning

To understand human cloning. The three types of cloning must be understood.

DNA Cloning
DNA cloning or molecular cloning refers to the process in which DNA fragments are transfered of intrest fom one organism to a self-replicating genetic element such as a bacterial plasmid. The DNA of intrest can then be propagated in a foreign host cell. This technology has become common practice in molecular biology labs even today.

Reproductive Cloning

Reproductive cloning is a technology used to generate an animal that has the same nuclear DNA as another currently or previously existing animal. This process was the one used to create Dolly. This process is called somatic cell nuclear transfer or SCNT.

Therapeutic Cloning


Therapeutic cloning is also called "embryo cloning". This is the production of human embryos for use of research. The goal of the process is not to create cloned humans, but to harvest cells that can be used to study human developement and to treat disease.

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